Answering your questions on sobriety

One of the most unexpected, yet important, conversations I’ve had with all of you recently has been around my journey into sobriety.

Something I personally was never planning for myself, nor something I ever would have imagined writing about on this platform. And yet, here we are.

When I first shared my story of being curious around sobriety, I was overwhelmed by the response.  I was flooded (and I mean flooded) with stories and questions and comments all saying the same thing, “me too”.  The number one comment I heard over and over was “I kind of don’t want to drink anymore either, but I’m scared of……

To this day, it’s been the most engaging topic I’ve ever shared on here. 

Which tells me a few things.  One, we are surrounded by alcohol everywhere we look. It’s become so ingrained in our culture that we forget we even HAVE a choice.  And two, most of us are ready to change that (more on this soon).

The other day I asked you to send in any questions you had for me around sobriety. This is in no way meant to be taken as advice, but rather just an honest conversation.  My hope is that by sharing some of what I’ve experienced or learned along the way, it can help you feel a little less alone or scared as you begin to explore your own journey. 

So let’s jump in…

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Setting down the invisible weight

I’ve heard this talked about so much lately. On podcasts, in books, during conversations with friends, it’s everywhere. The “invisible weight” that we as mothers, as women, as caretakers carry.  It’s been around for decades, but something we’re just beginning to talk about.   And while I wholeheartedly believe it’s true, to be totally honest, I

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A year with you

This year your father and I made the decision to keep all four of you home with us and have you e-learn. I can’t say there are many things I’ve done as your mom, where I KNOW we made the right decision – but this is one of them. You’ve all been home, with us,

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My favorite podcasts to help shift your mindset

I am a huge believer that what we put in our bodies matters – and that means EVERYTHING we take in. Including what we listen to. Who and what we listen to, and the toughs we fill our minds with matters. I’ve always been a huge lover of storytelling and learning through other people’s words

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Mother’s Day gift ideas you’ll want too

Mother’s day can be such an emotional day for a lot of us. In many ways, Mother’s Day is a day to recognize ALL the people in our lives who mother us, and nurture us, in all the different ways. From our biological mothers to the women in our communities, to our closest of girlfriends.

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Unexpectedly Sober

Unexpectedly Sober I never planned on being sober.   If you would have told me back in December that I wouldn’t have a drink for four months, I would have laughed. After all, I didn’t have a drinking problem.  And yet, here I am, 4 months sober. I have been putting off writing this post

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My effortless spring style

I am so excited it’s finally starting to feel a little more like spring here in Chicago.  I love everything about spring – the longer days, spending more time outside with the kids, and of course a little spring wardrobe update.  I’m itching to pack away some of my winter clothes (anyone else?  Especially my

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Copycat Sweetgreen’s salad

I am so excited to share this copycat Sweetgreen’s salad with all of you.  One of my very favorite spots to grab a quick lunch is Sweetgreens.  It’s just an easy “go-to” for something easy and healthy.  I love just about everything there.   Unfortunately, we don’t have Sweetgreens anywhere near us in the suburbs.  The

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