Friday Favorites 2.26.21

I think this has been my happiest week of 2021. Is that a thing? A “happy week”. I don’t know. But this week was for me. And man did it feel good

I think it’s the combination of the snow melting, the sun shining more and some really GREAT conversations with all of you (about SOO many topics; friendships, body image, MONEY! So much good content on here this week).

Plus I think the fact that I’m still not drinking is snowballing into some amazing effects (ps..for anyone interested, this is the book that pushed me to give sobriety a try). My sleep feels great. I’m waking up on my own.  I feel lighter and more focused and clearer than I have in months.  I wasn’t planning on continuing with this for so long – but I’m not quite ready to give up this feeling for a glass of wine.

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42 and just getting started

Today is my 42nd birthday. I set my alarm last night so I could wake up early, come downstairs while the house was quiet, and write. Because I genuinely love writing. It’s a gift for me. On my birthday. This post is for me. I write a lot of times for a lot of other

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Picking yourself up after a setback

This past Monday I found myself watching the snowfall while quietly shedding a few tears in my room. All our kids were home (as they are EVERY day) and I didn’t want them to see me upset. So I closed my door, hid on the floor next to my bed, and let myself have a

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30-minute vegetarian ramen

Before we dig into this 30-minute vegetarian ramen recipe, let’s do a good check in.  How’s everyone doing?  Honestly.  What’s the story these days, friends?  How did January treat all of you? I’m personally doing really well.  So much better than I was on Jan 1.  To start with, I think I came home from

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Creating a morning routine

One of the best gifts I’ve given myself over the years is a consistent morning routine.  A way to start the day feeling GOOD.  It’s a growing and evolving process, that seems to always be changing with the seasons.  But something I do, every day, and has quickly grown to become one of my favorite

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Inspiration for our kitchen remodel

One of the best gifts of being out west this fall was returning “home” with fresh eyes. For the past two years, since we first bought this century-old home, JP and I have been dreaming about remodeling our kitchen. And when we walked into our house after our 31-hour car ride home from California and

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How to begin a meditation practice

Beginning a meditation practice can feel intimidating if you’ve never done it before. How to sit, how long, what am I supposed to be thinking about it.  Wait…am I supposed to be thinking? How come my mind won’t stop?  AGHHHHH…. It can almost feel like we’re doing it all “wrong” before we’ve even begun, causing

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The lessons 2020 taught me

There’s a quote I love that says “Everything happens FOR me, not TO me”.  If we use that lens to reflect back on the year, then there is certainly quite a bit that happened “for” me this year, and for all of us. We all spoke so much about “silver linings” this year, the things

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