Frankie’s “big kid” bedroom makeover

Being the “littlest” of a family of six isn’t always easy.  Coming up last on all the family bike rides, being left behind as the big kid’s run off to play, and the never-ending hand me downs.  Being the youngest isn’t always the greatest.

So to treat our littlest of the crew, Frankie, and make him feel extra special, we thought it was time our “littlest big kid” (as he likes to be called) got his own “Big Kid” room.  A  room all of his own, just for him.

Although Frankie is the youngest in this home, his personality is anything but little.  He’s outgoing and silly, loud and oh so funny.  He loves big colors, “rock and roll” (epically Eminem’s “lose yourself”).  He loves to go super fast on his scooter and is always telling me “don’t worry mom, I’ll be fine” as he goes flying down our stairs jumping off the landing with a loud thud.

I knew Frankie’s room had to have personality.  It had to be playful and fun, but with just a little bit of an edge.  It had to say, “yeah I’m four, but I love Eminem, I wish my tricycle was a skateboard, and I’m not afraid of anything (except for the dark and my Dad leaving for work)”.

Frankie’s favorite color is red.  So I wanted to make sure I gave him big bright pops of red that played off of a neutral, but playful and fun backdrop.  This was the original vision for his room, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

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Friday Favorites 3.27.20

Friends, what a few weeks.  I don’t even know where to begin or what to say.   I didn’t know it was possible to have my heart feel so heavy, and yet at the same time filled with so much hope.  Anyone else?   It’s just a mix of a lot.  A lot of emotions, a lot

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How I’m handling our “new normal”

This past Thursday JonPaul and I made the decision to start “social distancing” ourselves and our kids. Not necessarily out of fear of the virus itself, but rather out of greater concern for all those around us. Recognizing that our small part of this story is to stay home. Understanding that if as many of

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Believing in yourself enough to fail

Last week I stepped out of my comfort zone and applied to be a speaker at a large, well respected, national conference. It takes place this fall in Brooklyn for mama entrepreneurs.  A total dream for me.  Brooklyn, working mamas, connection, women empowerment.  Uhm, yes, please. The perfect package. This conference would be my first-time

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A different kind of love

I can remember back to a phase right after college where it seemed like everyone was getting engaged, planning weddings and having babies.  It was a phase of life filled with joy and excitement and possibilities.  A whole new life just beginning for so many of us. Fast forward to over a decade later and

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Chocolate coconut popcorn

This chocolate coconut popcorn is such a fun easy twist on a sweet treat. A little salty, a little sweet, and a whole lot of yum. It takes minutes to put together, is made with all pantry staple items you probably have, and is a great alternative to other “treats”. I’ve been a huge popcorn

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Olive oil and herb popcorn

This olive oil and herb popcorn is one of my favorite snacks.  I’ve always been a huge popcorn lover. It’s probably my all-time favorite food. There’s nothing better than curling up on a sofa on a Friday or Saturday night in my jammies holding a big bowl of warm popcorn – espeically if there aren’t

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Friday Favorites 2 07 20

JPs flying home late tonight after a long week away, and while I’d love to have a wild Friday or Saturday night out with him to celebrate or let loose, all I really want to do is take a hot bath, cuddle up in some cozy jammies, put a hair mask in and read a

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