Friday Favorites 1 24 20

I don’t know about any of you, but I always feel like the last week or two of January are a little tough for me.  I go into the year feeling so motivated and excited.  Like I could take over the world.  And after a week or two, I feel like I can barely take over our huge mound of laundry, let alone the world.  Anyone else relate?  It can just feel tough to stay motivated and excited – especially when it’s freezing and it feels like it’s midnight at 5:30.

So what’s a girl to do…

Just take it one day at a time.  Keep the big picture in mind, and focus on one thing each day to help me get closer to my goals.  Just one thing.  That I can do.

One of my bigger goals this year is to BE HAPPIER (I’m pretty sure one we could all use a little of that).  To find more happiness and joy in all of this. In the process.  To not expect perfection, or things to feel “completed” and “done”, to feel good – but to just enjoy some of the “in-between” a little more.

So I’m making more time to be happy, right in the mess, with the kids, with JP, my friends.  Just making a little more space for joy and fun and happiness, and it feels really good.  

I’m trying not to take myself so seriously.  Holding onto my phone or computer a little less, and picking Frankie up a little more.  Making time to meet up with friends even when my schedule feels jam-packed.  And you know what?  It helps.

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Curried lentil & butternut squash soup

Monday marked the start of my third week of eating “clean”, and you guys, I’m feeling kind of amazing (which I don’t say lightly).  I haven’t had coffee in weeks (which if you know me well, you know was the hardest thing for me to give up).  Same with dairy and gluten. But the truth

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On nights when I can’t cook…

I let someone else do the work!  My biggest “mom-hack” of 2020 – letting other people help!!!  In this case, it’s Noodles & Company helping this tired mama with dinner.   As a busy mama, with four kids, our nights are filled with activities and it can be hard to find the time to cook a

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Friday Favorites 1.17.20

While I loved our Christmas and New Year’s break, you guys, it feels so good to be back in a routine and moving again. I have LOVED taking these last two weeks to get back into a healthy mindset, which includes everything from cleaning up my diet and adding back in daily movement. To help

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How I’m finding more time in my day

One of my goals this year is to try and be more mindful of my time. Knowing where my time is going, being more intentional with it, and getting ahead of our schedules. For so long, as a mom with four kids and a husband who travels a lot, I always felt reactionary to my

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My morning routine

One of my goals this year is to work on being more mindful of my time, understand where it’s going, and hold myself accountable. One of the biggest lessons I’ve had over the years, as I’ve tried to unsuccessfully manage my time,  is that so much of my day, and my schedule is out of

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The lessons 2019 taught me

Every year I think things are going to slow down. That this year will be the year I’m really going to treasure every moment, slow down and soak it all in. But every year, as December rolls around, I’m somehow amazed at where the time went (and there was no slowing down in sight). And

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Creating your own home bar

Whenever I’m entertaining or hosting, especially around the holidays, my kitchen can become a zoo.  Filled with dishes, people, food and little kids running around between it all. Pure mayhem. So whenever possible, I try and take as much stuff OUT of the kitchen as I can.  Especially cocktails.   Creating a bar area OUT of

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