Friday Favorites 10.23.20

Friends, you are all so amazing. I’m seriously so blown away by all of you this week.

From all of our conversations around the election to sharing our news about our upcoming trip – my cup is so full from all of the real conversations we’ve had here.

When I started this blog I wanted it to be a place for connection, not just a place to share my favorite face cream or a new soup recipe. But a place that added real value. And this week I felt it. So thank you.

It was so fun chatting with all of you about our trip, receiving your advice, and hearing about some of your own family adventures (I loved some of the photos too ;). You all seriously are a wealth of knowledge.

Speaking of our trip, it feels crazy that we leave in three days. JP and I started chatting about this back in August, and now here we are.

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Our west coast adventure

On Monday, JP and I are packing up our car and taking our family on an eight-week road trip, heading west for the Pacific.  8 weeks.  Six people.  Over 6,000 miles. In one car.  It’s either the best idea we’ve ever had or the worst.  But definitely, one of the two and I’m praying it’s

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Friday Favorites 10.16.20

Filling myself up on things that bring me JOY. Years ago I had a very limiting mindset that the measure of my health and wellness could be measured simply by how “well” I was eating or how hard I pushed myself working out.   If I broke a sweat and ate a salad – I was

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Vegetarian tomatillo chili

As the months get cooler, one of my favorite things to make is chili, especially this vegetarian tomatillo chili. There is something about spices toasting and simmering away that makes your whole home feel cozy and warm.  It just makes me happy And while my crew loves a good traditional chili, I personally love more

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Cultivating a healthy relationship with food

Earlier today in stories I shared how I just completed a 36-hour fast. It was my first “fast”, and I had a great experience.  I gave it a try for a lot of reasons – but mostly because I needed to make a “shift” mentally and physically, and it did just that.   But regardless of

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letting our kids orbit around us

A few weeks ago, as we were approaching the start of e-learning, I found myself second-guessing my parenting.  Second-guessing our choice to keep our kiddos home, and had a swirl of anxiety around our decision.   It was hard to pinpoint “why” at first because of a mix of emotions.  But I knew it had nothing

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Easy way to make a homemade birthday cake

Ok you guys, so here’s the thing, I am NOT a baker.  Like really not a bake. But my kiddos love homemade birthday cakes. There’s something really special about someone baking you a birthday cake from scratch. You just feel important. So with Frankie’s birthday this week, the kids and I wanted to do something

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