Mother’s Day gift ideas you’ll want too

Mother’s day can be such an emotional day for a lot of us. In many ways, Mother’s Day is a day to recognize ALL the people in our lives who mother us, and nurture us, in all the different ways. From our biological mothers to the women in our communities, to our closest of girlfriends. We all mother in such different ways, and equally have as many different women in our lives who mother us.

So this Mother’s Day I thought I would put a gift guide together for ANY woman in your life – even YOU, who mothers in all the different ways.  I rounded up some of my favorite, beautiful things, from simple fresh flowers to a luxurious milk bath soak, down to my favorite necklace that I wear close to my heart every day.

My hope is that these ideas help you find something for every woman in your life on this beautiful day.

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Unexpectedly Sober

I never planned on being sober.   If you would have told me back in December that I wouldn’t have a drink for four months, I would have laughed. After all, I didn’t have a drinking problem.  And yet, here I am, 4 months sober. I have been putting off writing this post because I

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My effortless spring style

I am so excited it’s finally starting to feel a little more like spring here in Chicago.  I love everything about spring – the longer days, spending more time outside with the kids, and of course a little spring wardrobe update.  I’m itching to pack away some of my winter clothes (anyone else?  Especially my

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Copycat Sweetgreen’s salad

I am so excited to share this copycat Sweetgreen’s salad with all of you.  One of my very favorite spots to grab a quick lunch is Sweetgreens.  It’s just an easy “go-to” for something easy and healthy.  I love just about everything there.   Unfortunately, we don’t have Sweetgreens anywhere near us in the suburbs.  The

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Sweetgreen’s spicy cashew dressing

I’ve been trying to recreate the Sweetgreen’s spicy cashew dressing at home for a while, and I think I may have finally nailed it. I’m a huge fan of Sweetgreens, and especially the Sweetgreen’s spicy cashew dressing. I’m not much of a “fast food” girl.  I don’t even know if you could call Sweetgreens fast

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An honest look at how I’m doing these days

An honest look at how I’m doing these days Yesterday, in my stories, I shared how I was having a hard moment.   And almost immediately I was flooded with sweet messages of “me to” and support from all of you.  I was overwhelmed.  I wasn’t alone. So I thought a post was due because I

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Spring break essentials

JP and I literally just booked a trip for spring break with the kids for two weeks from now.  Who does that?  Nothing like planning your family’s spring break last minute. Gotta love living in the moment. We’re usually really big planners, and LOVE planning months (if not years) in advance.  But honestly, these days,

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Friday Favorites 2.26.21

Friday Favorites 2.26.21 I think this has been my happiest week of 2021. Is that a thing? A “happy week”. I don’t know. But this week was for me. And man did it feel good I think it’s the combination of the snow melting, the sun shining more and some really GREAT conversations with all

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