Friday Favorites

Welcome to the first Friday Favorites, friends (look at that alliteration I just did there)! I am so excited about this series.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, so I’m feeling really proud that I finally got my act together and am pulling this round-up together (only took two years, but who’s counting ;).

I like to think of Grace in Crumbs as essentially a phone call between me and my sister or me and my best friend (only not on the phone and with thousands of people….but besides that, exactly the same ;).  Whatever I was going to tell them, I tell all of you.  It’s basically one big phone call and you’re all my best friends.

All joking aside though, there’s a lot of truth there.  Things I would normally share with my best friend; like what’s going on with my kids, my new favorite book or podcast, or that great lipstick I just found, or this black dress from Target that I’m wearing today with Frankie – I now tell all of you.  

So this series is sort of a culmination of all those little tidbits.  The little nuggets, of “oh I have to tell Lindsey (that’s my sister) about that moisturizer” – all gathered here for you once a week.  You know that feeling of “wait, why am I the last to know about….”?.  Well now you won’t be.  I’m sharing ALL of my finds each week with all of YOU.  So now none of us will be the last to know. 

NONE of this is sponsored, and ALL of it are things I truly love and use.  All just things I found this week and am currently loving and using on repeat.  

Ok so without further ado…here are this week’s Friday Favorites!


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How to care for your fiddle leaf fig

If you’ve ever been to my house, you know I’m a big plant lady. I love having fresh plants everywhere in my house. But the plant that really has my heart is the fiddle leaf fig (sorry to my other green little babies – momma DOES have a favorite!). I know they’re a little “trendy”

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How to paint furniture like a boss

You’ve probably heard me say this a million times before on here; there is no easier, or cheaper, way to transform a space – or a piece of furniture – than with paint. And friends, let me be the first to tell you that even YOU can paint. AND you can paint just about anything!

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Quick summer vegetable curry

Ok, so since Labor Day was yesterday, is summer officially over? What’s the story here with this one? It’s still pretty warm here in Chicago, and I’m hoping it still will be for the next few weeks – so I’m just rolling with it. And let’s be honest, I meant to share this recipe weeks

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To all the women who dream big

Lillian had her first day of 3rd grade yesterday.  It was such a magical day.  As I watched her run into school without even looking back (as she does every day) my mind raced with excitement of all the possibilities that await her.  All the dreams and hopes and big ideas that she’ll go after. 

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How to paint your front door

I could not be more excited about this post, or this project. I live for a good DIY. I’m a girl who loves to get her hands dirty. Put me in the kitchen with some dough, out in the garden with my hands in the soil, or my house with a can of paint –

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My new skin care routine

This winter I turned 40. 40!  I remember when that age used to seem so old to me, and yet here I am, 40 and loving it. And while not much has changed since I turned 40 (besides the fact that I can’t seem to remember anything), I’m definitely a little more conscious these days

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