Mediterranean greek quinoa bowl

I’m not much of a meal planner. I’d love to be. The thought of KNOWING what food you’re making all week, and buying groceries just for those meals sounds heavenly. But the reality is, I’m just not that organized. And I probably won’t ever be.

So instead of “meal planning” I do more “ingredient planning”. There are a handful of things I always use when I cook. My “go-tos”. So every week I make sure I have a few of these things ready to go in the fridge. Cooked grains in big batches, some fresh veggies washed and prepped, beans already cooked (or let’s be honest, just even rinsed out of the can). And then I can easily put together a few quick meals for lunch or dinner.

This mediterranean greek quinoa bowl is essentially me just pulling together a few things (already made and ready to go) from my fridge. It couldn’t have been simpler to put together and it was the perfect summer lunch. Light and refreshing. Delicious, and an added bonus that it’s actually GOOD for you.  

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How to paint your front door

I could not be more excited about this post, or this project. I live for a good DIY. I’m a girl who loves to get her hands dirty. Put me in the kitchen with some dough, out in the garden with my hands in the soil, or my house with a can of paint –

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My new skin care routine

This winter I turned 40. 40!  I remember when that age used to seem so old to me, and yet here I am, 40 and loving it. And while not much has changed since I turned 40 (besides the fact that I can’t seem to remember anything), I’m definitely a little more conscious these days

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My new summer intentions

A few nights ago I had the pleasure of listening to a group of incredibly talented and inspirational women speak on a panel. They were all mothers, entrepreneurs, and women who are juggling a million things but still going after their dreams.  Full speed ahead. There were so many great nuggets of inspiration I took

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Loving my body, exactly as it is

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to feel truly comfortable in your skin?  If you loved your body, exactly as it is.    A few days ago, I was out for a walk with Frankie.  The day had started off foggy and cool.  I was dressed as if it were January

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Mediterranean hummus platter

This was one of the first weekends, in a long time, that our little family didn’t have anything scheduled. No ballet recitals. No first communions. A wide open weekend. But of course, you know what that means for me; what once was a “free” weekend ends up instead becoming a few days where I cram

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Being enough

Last night, JonPaul and I were out on a date in New York, when he casually asked me what at first I thought was a simple question; “What do you want?”.  And then he probed a little further, “what do you want with your life?”  I don’t know.  I want what everyone wants.  I want

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My experience with CBD oil

I think for about as far back as I can remember, I’ve had anxiety. I don’t know that I ever really knew what it was, or what to call it, but I can remember being a young woman and having this strong sense of being “overwhelmed”. I always wanted things to be “perfect”, and I’d

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