Spicy buddha bowl with sweet potatoes & forbidden rice

Eating clean(“ish”) has been a process for me.  It’s something that I’ve slowly, over time, been building up.  Little changes, one at a time.

One of those changes came in the way of how I viewed healthy eating.  I used to think “healthy eating” meant depriving yourself. I looked at it as a diet filled with restrictions.  It’s taken me a while to shift that view.   I now see healthy eating as a diet built on the idea of abundance.   An abundance of healthy, beautiful, seasonal food that is all around us.

Once you open yourself to the idea of healthy, clean eating, you magically discover a world of ingredients that you would have not normally tried.  Creating dishes around simple, wholesome ingredients is one of the ways I stay inspired in the kitchen, and one of the ways I stay inspired to continue to eat “healthy”.

One dish that I turn to the most are grain bowls.  Essentially a large bowl filled with seasonal veggies, a grain of your choice, all topped with a delicious dressing.  In this spicy buddha bowl, I combined some of my favorite vegetables, and topped it off with a spicy peanut dressing.  It’s colorful, simple and as the perfect example of how healthy eating can feel abundant.

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What I’ve learned from feeding four picky eaters

One of the biggest struggles that I often hear mothers talk about is how challenging it can be trying to feed picky eaters. It can feel like such a daunting task, one that I think so many of us can relate to. And it’s easy to see why. Cooking healthy and nutritious meals for our

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Almond milk

With six people living under one roof, our household goes through a lot of just about EVERYTHING.  Bread, laundry detergent, toothpaste….you name it.  But one of the things we seem to go through the quickest these days is milk, and not just any milk, almond milk. Three out of my four kids LOVE almond milk. 

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Spicy falafel pitas with homemade tzatziki

When we lived in Chicago JonPaul and I had this Greek restaurant we loved, The Pita Inn (Chicago friends, don’t laugh, you know you love it too). While it may not have been a Michelin star restaurant by any stretch of the imagination, it was soo good.  They made, hands down, the best falafels around. 

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Tzatziki Sauce

JonPaul and I can never seem to get enough Greek food.  We love it.  And one of the things we love most about it, is the tzatziki sauce.  There is just something about the cool greek yogurt, the earthy dill and bits of crunchy cucumber.  It’s addicting.  Which is why we love this easy and

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Roasted tomatillo and white bean chili

We are expecting another snow storm here in Connecticut tomorrow, and the only thing on my to do list is curling up on the couch with a bowl of this warm and hearty roasted tomatillo and white bean chili. If you’ve been following along with G in the C for a while, you may know

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